History from beginning
At the beginning Where Olof Persson Born 1833-04-29, And his son Albert Olsson Born 1876-02-12,And his son Karl-Albert Olsson Born 1897-08-12. Stone carver black smiths at Kullgrens Enka on Bohus Malmön. There were manufacturing chisel and drill to the stone carver. 1923 went Karl-Albert Olsson to the America there he continued. To produce and forge the stone carver tools, To he revert to Sweden 1934 with thought of that begin his eget company, And was doing so 1935 in Jönköping. 1938 Establish oneself he him in Borås. They're the making of drill and pneumatic chisels initialising, The customers come to become foundries and shipyards. 1957 initialising Åke Olsson Born 1942-02-11 his course as a black smiths. As fourth generation black smiths. And stating 1965 to effort on to Export to the Denmark and Norway. 1968 initiation Finland effort. 1986 starting Joakim Olsson Born 1967-11-01 As fifth generation his black smiths course. Karl-Albert Olsson was becoming black smiths
master craftsman 1942-08-05 Åke Olsson ware getting sitt black Smith Handicraft-associated letter 1961-11-14 And become black Smith master craftsman 1967-10-11 Joakim Olsson getting his black smiths Handicraft-associated letter 1988-02-29 And become black Smith master craftsman 1994-03-22

Olof Persson Född 1833-04-29

Albert Olsson Född 1876-02-12

Karl-Albert Olsson Född 1897-08-12

Åke Olsson Född 1942-02-11
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